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Wireless Demo Page


By clicking here, you will go, via various-radios no-licence Spread Spectrum Wireless link a third of a mile from the premises of Old Colorado City Communications to a Demonstration Web Site running on an OS2 system in the Home Office of Dave Hughes, Principal Investigator. It is also used every few hours as the telnet, ftp, news, email link to the Internet, via the Old Colo City Comm ISP network.

It has been operating for 2 years now, with several different radios, exercising them over time, through summer and winter, snow, wind, sun on the external (roof top) antenna.

Currently (1997) the link is at 1.5Mbps with WiLan 'Hopper' radios in the 902-928Mhz FCC Part 15 'no-licence' bands

Linux Laptop Linked Wirelessly