The NSF has a program called 'Connections' with awards of up to $15,000 for test projects by schools, libraries, or museums which (1) use advanced technologies (2) are linked to the Internet but (3) develop a 'model' for wide applicability.

The Old Colorado City Historical Society - a small, but rather typical community historical society which was opening its museum - Historical Center in the Old Colorado City Historical District of westside Colorado Springs applied for such a grant in 1997. With the premises of Old Colorado City Communications nearby with its wireless expertise and that of one of its principals, David Hughes an active member of the Society, it was awarded the grant. Hughes agreed to be the pro-bono Principal Investigator for the project.

The grant was awarded, as well as a follow-on $5,000 NSF 'REU' Undergraduate Research Assistant grant, by which LaDonna Gunn, a computer and telecom savy History Major undergraduate of the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs was hired to help with the wireless web design and provision of content.

Extracts of the NSF Grant Proposal as submitted are displayed below, on the request of the NSF Project officer. He believes this request is a model NSF Grant Request, deserving of wide distribution.

You can access the site at http://history.oldcolo.com

Below is:

Local History by Wireless Project Summary

Project Plan

Project Budget (not yet posted)

Progress Report #1

Email contact on this project can be sent to history@oldcolo.com

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