In 1996 Old Colorado City Communications was asked to conduct a NSF Wireless Field Test in Mongolia. Attempt to link 8 academic and research sites in Ulaan Baatar on, to an Internet Satellite-served ground station and web server already installed on the premises of Datacom Ltd near the center of the city. In order to link up these sites to US Science, under severe weather conditions, and in a foreign technological culture, largely trained and equipped by the USSR.

We accomplished it over 20 days in October-November, 1996. The wireless network is now operating totally under the control of Mongolians, both of Datacom Ltd and the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, the latter being 10 km away from Datacom's premises, but linked at 115Kbps.

The ground station can be reached as a Web Site in Mongolian and English at www.magicnet.mn

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