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Products Currently Being Used in Tests

We have selected a range of wireless products, and services, to use in this test. Some were, or are being purchased on the open market, others we solicited as loaned equipment. Collectively they represent a cross-section of wireless devices that could be, or are being, used to support educational settings. From short range, in-building, between buildings of a complex, between buildings and Internet Points of Presence (POPs), short range high speed - wireless lans - substitutes for wired modems, medium speed short and long (1-20 miles) range, and high speed (20 or more mile) range devices.

The list below is always changing.


Xircom Wireless Lan - PCMIA Card and 10BaseT base station for use in internal school or library LAN network.

Pair, Metricom, Richochet Wireless Modems for use in field locations (school buildings) point to point. Also, in California Bay Area, Richochet modems in use as part of Metricom wide area network service. Terminate in RS232 connectors. With AT command set.

Pairs and sets of FreeWave 115kbs Radios, terminating in RS232 connections. Point to Point, Relay, and Point to Multi-point.

Set of three Tetherless Access 160kbs systems, with integrated routers. Based on Cylink radio designs. Terminating in Ethernet connectors. Point to Point or Relay. (TAL has gone out of business, as of July 1997)

Set of three Solectek Airlan 200E systems - 2mbs (above T-1), 25 mile rated radios with routers running TCP/IP. Terminating in Ethernet connectors. Point to Point or Relay.

Pair of AT&T WILAN Wireless LAN Cards - 2Mbps, range in hundreds of feet.

BreezeCom AP & WP10's. Wireless Bridge and Wireless Access Points. Rated speed and range - to 7 Miles with 24db gain antennas, and 3Mbps throughput. (www.breezecom.com). Bridge capable of communicating with up to 254 Access Points. Designed for use as wireless LAN, or WAN.

Wi-LAN 1.54Mbps 'Hopper' Wireless Lans -rated to 5 miles

Antennas for the above range from 6 inch rubber duck, through small omni, to mast (6 to 30 feet) to 6 and 12 element Yagi directional antennas, and parabolic directional antennas. Some with boosted gain.

Barry McLarnon's extensive list of Wireless LAN/WAN/MAN products


The 'educational' software being used to test the wireless - throughput, relability, interoperability, includes:

Current Web browsing, ftp, telnet, capabilitites, such as Netscape 2.0 supporting HTML 3.0 and Java.

Netscape Communications Server software running on NT 3.51 platform.

Microsoft Communications (web) Server running on NT 4.0

Realaudio voice-sound Internet web software. Real time sound.

VocalTec Internet phone softwares.

Multi-media installations on school workstations (both 486 Windows for Workgroups with TCP/IP over Netbui and Mac Power PCs) with speaker pairs, microphone, and sound boards and software (Sound Blaster for PCs, internal Mac software).

Connectix video (ball) cameras with Connectix Videophone (proprietary) videoconferencing software.

April, 1996 release of White Pine's color CuSeeMe for Windows machines - voice/image videoconferencing and white board w/voice.

Various scanner, drawing, conversion software for both Mac and PCs to produce, transmit, and view bandwidth intensive binary (graphical) and sound data.

April 1996 release of Wildcat 5, multi-user BBS software designed for NT Servers, accessible dialup, wireless modem and via the net (telnet)