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The Project will procure and install in both rural and urban environments a range of wireless devices which have been connected to networks, computers, and peripherals, at both user and service provider ends. They will be operated at varying ranges, and under varying loads and types of data. It will systematically measure with test instruments and software, and log, throughput, reliability, and interoperability of interactive transmission of text, graphics, sound, and video. It will particularly focus on the devices, topologies, technical connectivity and interoperability for equipment which operates in the unlicenced FCC allocated Part 15 ISM bands (902-928Mhz, 2400-2483.5Mhz, 5700-5850Mhz), including spread spectrum. At rates from 9.6kbs through 2mb/sec.

It will seek the usability limits imposed by issues of allowable range and radiated power, urban and rural electromagnetic, geographical, and building environments, (interference, scatter, line loss) availability of field power sources (where retransmission is required), data types, and interoperability of wireless with wired networks using the ubiquitous general network protocols such as TCP/IP, local LAN, serial and ethernet connectivity.

The data collected over the one year period of the Project will be analyzed and placed in a publically accessible network, as rapidly as significant findings are reached.

The significance of this research Project is that the Project will produce widely needed objective analysis of wireless as a general connectivity solution for public education beyond highly controlled, costly, commercial-service or limited environments. There currently is no such collected data. The accessible reports issuing from this Project will serve the needs of those considering wireless - educators, public spectrum policy makers, developers, designers, researchers, and scientists.