David R Hughes

Principal Investigator


Dave Hughes is a partner of Old Colorado City Communications, a Colorado Spirings, Colorado, USA Internet ISP, which does research and consulting in advanced forms of wireless data communications. His company has been located since 1984 in the Old Colorado City District of westside Colorado Springs.

Hughes is a West Point graduate, Class of 1950, who served in the Korean and Vietnam wars, was a researcher and staff officer in the Office of the Secretary of Defense in the 1960s. He retired as Colonel, US Army, in 1973.

He has been researching, developing, and operating, online dial up, or wirelessly connected systems since 1979. Particularly in rural areas such as the Big Sky Telegraph system in Montana in the late 1980's.

In 1998 Wired Magazine named Hughes one of the leading "Wired 25" pioneers in the world.

He consulted for the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment in 1990 and more recently advised the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) use of wireless for education under the 1996 Telecommunications Act. He is a lecturer world wide. He published most recently in April 1998 Scientific American and the MIT Press 'First Hundred Feet' compendium in May 1999.

In 1993 Hughes was awarded the Telecommunications Pioneer Award in by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) of Washington, DC for his effective work in grass roots connectivity.

He informally assisted the Puerto Rican Office of Management and Budget when it started its Wireless Project in 1997. He has been an invited speaker at the Puerto Rican Governor's Conferences on Information Technologies in 1998 and 1999.

For the past 4 years he has been the Principal Investigator for 4 National Science Foundation projects doing Field Tests of advanced wireless technologies for education particularly no-licence spread spectrum devices.

He designed a novel Field Science by Wireless Project for educators in Lewistown Montana, in 1997-98, and directed the implementation of Wireless connectivity for educational and science institutions in Ulaanbataar, Mongolia in 1995-96.

He has been sought out after as a lecturer and conference panelist world wide for the past 20 years.

He is currently Principal Investigator for a 3 year NSF project which will model Field Science by solar powered wireless connections from remote sensors in frigid climates and tropical rainforests to the Internet, in support of biological sciences and environmental monitering.

David R Hughes, MA, BS 

6 N 24th Street 

Colorado Springs, Colorado 80904