Michael D. Willett
3835 Plains Terrace
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80920-4539


Present Position and Title:

Senior Network Engineer, Alcatel, U.S.A. in Plano Texas.

Senior Technical Assistant and Collaborator, National Science Foundation Wireless Field Test Project ANI-9909218

President and Chief Engineer, Open Minds Concepts, a conceptualizing, prototyping and engineering company for several aspects of science and recreation.

Educational History:

Communications Degree from RETS, Radio Electronics and Television School, a technical trades institution, an extension and partnership with Ohio State University. Study focus was on Electronic design, radio broadcasting, technical theory. Continuous on-going education in many areas.

Technical History:

Emmy for Advanced Achievements in Television Broadcasting Technology, includes advanced audio, video and electro-mechanical transport design for portable systems while Senior Engineer for Ampex Corporation, 1979-1990.

Patent in Physics in 1988, #4,798,826, a linear analog system for "Sensing the Angular Position of a Rotatable Member Using a Hall Effect Transducer".

Network Systems Engineering and Implementation for Air Academy School District 20, 1989-1991, recognized by National Science Foundation Wireless Field Test Studies as "the best we have observed". Includes voice, data and video capabilities over a hybrid solution of licensed microwave, fiber and Telephone Company T1 lines. All sites connected via the most economic means possible.

Network Engineering for the Connect Colorado Project of Colorado Community Colleges and Occupational Education System. Project covers 70 sites spread over 13,000 square miles. Assigned task of best media solution, engineered both wireless and fiber, including voice, data and video.

Numerous other networking projects for schools and corporations, including wireless, fiber, copper, and hybrids providing voice, data and video communications.