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Progress Report 4

April 16th, 1996

Short special report. Good news.

I arrived in the San Luis Valley for a visit to all three schools in one day - 450 miles round trip - just in time to see, and enjoy the latest success, after all the recent problems.

When the power supply to the antenna booster (5 watts) went out, Dewayne, taking the 'new' FreeWave radio - that delivers full 1 watt rather than the 1/3 watt their previous model did, connected it at the Alamosa pop to the mast omni, rather than directional antenna. Suprise!

The set up - with two 1 watt FreeWaves on 12 foot omni mast antennas, running a 'dirty' line of sight (trees etc) 14 miles to Monte Vista worked, and worked well!

When I reached Dewayne at Monte Vista school, he had attached his Mac to the router by ethernet and was listening to NPR 'Realaudio' voice over the Internet, at 115kbs speed of link to the Alamosa POP.

So that radio is now fully operational. Measurements of performance can now begin.

Dave Hughes