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Progress Reports

Nov 20th, 1995
Jan 14th, 1996
Apr 14th, 1996
Apr 16th, 1996
May 2d, 1996
July 30th, 1996
August 25th, 1996
December 23d,1996
January 30th, 1997
February 10th, 1997
March 1st, 1997
March 20th, 1997
April 2d, 1997
August 21st, 1997
October 5th, 1997
November 14th, 1997
December 8th, 1997
February 17th, 1998

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Case Studies

A Wireless School Success Story - Belen, New Mexico

Wireless Lariat Country - the Laramie, Wyoming Network

The Microwave-Spread Spectrum Air Academy School District

Indian Wireless - the Southern Ute, Colorado, Connections

Evans Elementary - Adams State College

Wireless in Mongolia - Our NSF Project in Ulaanbataar

Dual-Wireless at Fisher Model Elementary School, Richmond, Virgina

A Solectek Saga - School District 11, Colorado Springs

Evolution of the Monte Vista Middle School Link

Flying With BreezeCOM - Relaying Wireless From Office Buildings

Hooking up a Lil Old Library to the Internet


Local History by Wireless - another NSF Project

Text - Down at the Crick - Field Science by Wireless in Montana
Also see Report #18 above

Graphical Report - Down at the Crick

Severe Weather Wireless in Toksook, Alaska, on the Bering Sea

Article in Electronic School Magazine on Wireless in Schools

Products currently being used in tests