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Graphical Field Science by Wireless Report

Charts Used in My Texas Infrastructure Fund Remarks August 5th, 1999

New Design of Low Cost SS Radio by Tuscon Amateur Packet Radio (TAPR) Organization

Barry McLarnon's List of Wireless LAN/MAN Vendors and Products

The Complete Original 1995-1999 NSF Test Web Site for Education





Home Web Site of Progress, Technical, and Final Reports of the National Science Foundation Wireless Field Test Project ANI-9909218

This site is the publically available hub for reporting plans, progress reports and test results from the Prototype Testing and Evaluation of Wireless Instrumentation for Ecological Research at Remote Field Locationsby Wireless National Science Foundation Project which will run from Sept 15th, 1999 through August 30th, 2002.

The site also archives the earlier Wireless Field Test projects for Education, Local History by Wireless, and the Mongolian Wireless.

If you would like to see a remarkable US Patent filed by the 'the most beautiful woman in the world' of 1940, actress Hedy Lamarr which first described 'frequency hopping' - the basis of many advanced spread spectrum radios today click on Hedy





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