~ CROSSROADs ~  A commissioned report for the National Science Foundation
 re: ~Down @ the Crick~ or Field Science by Wireless
 written by Terry Casey ( aka etlady@postmark.net )
 Tuesday, May 5, 1998             
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Tuesday, May 5, 1998

"A great teacher never strives to explain
his vision - he simply invites you to stand beside him and see for yourself."
- Reverend E. Inman

May 13, 1998 United States Senator Conrad Burns (R-MT), Chairman of the Communications Subcommittee, will hold a hearing to discuss wireless service...He will be addressing the concern that rural Montanans have expressed about obtaining more wattage for FCC Part 15 Spread Spectrum Radios. And, we will be watching closely for news from that event.

photo: StarGaZers

"There is no more use in conquest; there are only new ways to connect.
The first connection is very simple. It's a feeling that we are not alone,
that history lives alongside our most ordinary comings and goings and that there are global as well as personal consequences from our actions, our dispossessions.
If we harm, we will be harmed; this is not environmental karma, this is scientific fact.
The natural world is our greater body. If we destroy the breathing rain forests,
sooner or later we too will cease breathing. This bonding of or being with the Earth
is not radical; we do it when we die by simply burying ourselves in the ground."
- Brenda Peterson,
Living By Water

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Steve Paulson
, Life Science Teacher (spaulson@lewistown.net)  
Peter Boag, Web Designer, (influx@codenet.net)
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This report prepared by: Ms. Terry Casey
for the National Science Foundation Field Science by Wireless Project
(with heartfelt thanks to Keri Donovan for always shining, smiling and making great latte...;)
and honourable mention to Mr. Peter Boag for bringing my hard~copy report to life on the Web.