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Scope of Tests
Key Personnel


Rural: The rural tests will be conducted in the San Luis Valley of Colorado, 100 miles long and 50 miles wide - 5,000 square inhabited miles. The valley is broad and relatively flat. Adjacent mountain ranges are high (up to 14,000 feet) and rough. Weather ranges from hot summers to very cold (to minus 30-40 degree) winters. It has a limited electromagnetic environment - with a few radio, television stations, some coverage by cellular telephone systems, and some radio control of agricultural devices, and general purpose field voice radios. There are some high power lines crossing the valley, but most of it is covered by normal power distribution above-ground lines found in much of rural America. There are a number of telephone companies, with varying qualities of lines and advanced infrastructure. The valley thinks it 'needs' wireless because the costs for installing and sustaining dedicated circuitry for higher data speeds are prohibitive.

The valley, with 45,000 population in over 30 scattered communities and 14 school districts with two higher educational institutions, is largely agricultural. Its population and activities range from poor, rural, and minority (Hispanic), to modern, advanced agricultural technologies, and white.

The largest city (15,000) is Alamosa, where there are two commercial and one public Internet point of presence. Part of the Project will be monitered from Alamosa.

Urban: The City of Colorado Springs, an urban center of 400,000 population, with several Internet points of presence, and a fairly active electromagnetic environment - with military, general government, and large technological companies.

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