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Scope of Tests
Key Personnel


The Project will be conducted in 3 phases.

Phase 1, from Project beginning to the beginning of school semesters, from July to late August 1995, will include procurement of sets of wireless devices and required peripherals and test equipment and software. From 15 to 25 devices available on the commercial market, or in beta test configuration, will be procured. They will be bench tested, configured, and installed connecting up the participating schools. Necessary field use training in equipment use, and in required logging of data at the end users end will be conducted. The purpose of the timing with school semesters is two-fold - to get realistic loads and administrative operating conditions, and cover the seasonal weather of typical school years. The detailed plan for data measurement and collection will be readied in this first phase.

Phase 2 will proceed through 2 semester-long periods, during which the wireless connections will be used in both general, and special test - directed by us - modes. Data will be collected by technical, flowed data, logging, and interview and observation means during the first semester - August to December 1995. The tests will be refined and adjusted for the second semester, January to June 1996 to insure the widest range of valid tests. Publically usable data will be published, online, as soon as it is prepared, for the early test results.

Phase 3 will be the analysis of the collected data, retests if necessary, preparation of publically usable reports and disemmination both by publication and in online dorm, and preparation and submission of the final report to the NSF.